Yardaroo is revolutionizing the way we shop at local sale events like yard sales, estate sales and more…


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  • Set up notifications
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  • Get directions
  • Use our in-app navigation system to guide you along your adventure
  • Pay at sale events with your credit card


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  • Easily create your sale event in minutes
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Thinking of hosting your own sale event?

From no-hassle bare-bones to ballin’ out of control, we have a package that’s right for you!


**Current processing fee rate per transaction: 5.6%

Our Story

Growing up in rural western New York, I would spend my summers out searching for local sale events (yard sales, estate sales, barn sales, etc.) with my parents and grandparents. Every weekend was a new adventure!

We bought everything from clothes to toys and everything in between right there in our own town, sometimes right next door!

Our family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but we always had such a great time treasure hunting and finding amazing deals right around our area.

Sometimes we would travel to other areas just to see what they had for sale!

Our mission at Yardaroo is to breathe new life back into this great tradition by offering an easy to use app to help people discover, plan and pay at local sale events.

Andy Mitchell Founder/CEO

Support local people and businesses!
Reuse, recycle, re-purpose!
Have a great time while you’re at it!